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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Bibliofeast 2013

Women's National Book Association
Monday, October 14, 6-9 pm
Maggiano's Little Italy, Charlotte

Jamie Mason and me

Mary Struble Deery and me

 Susan Gregg Gilmore and me

What a great event! The food was AMAZING. The authors jumped from table to table answering any questions we had about what it was like to be a writer.  Sort of a musical chairs type of thing.  Somebody won a Kobo. Authors signed the books I bought. Good times! 

Jamie Mason said she got the idea for her book from a newspaper article title.  Cassandra King said her book is a loose modern adaptation of Daphne Du Maurier's Rebecca. Tommy Hays told us writing a young adult novel was no different than writing an adult book for him.  He didn't change the level of vocabulary or anything like that. Wilton Barnhardt said he taught creative writing and NC State and there was a short story writing contest we needed to enter by next Monday.

This year's writers and books were the following:
Wilton Barnhardt, Lookaway, Lookaway
Diane Chamberlain, Necessary Lies
Nora Gaskin, Time of Death and Until Proven
Susan Gregg Gilmore, The Funeral Dress
Tommy Hays, What I Came to Tell You
Cassandra King, Moonrise
Rebecca Lee, Bobcat and Other Stories
Jamie Mason, Three Graves Full
John Milliken Thompson, Love and Lament

It was the fourth year the WNBA put on this event but my first time.  I hope I always get to go.

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