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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

My First BookTuber Mention!

Today, my book Nellcott is My Darling was mentioned by a Booktuber on a YouTube video for the first time ever and that Booktuber was Bookables, one of my favorites in a recent Book Haul. (Eeeeee!)

Bookables on YouTube

You can watch it here:

In Booktuber land, a "book haul" is a video done to show what books have been acquired recently.  (There are also book reviews and book tags, where the Booktuber has to answer a set of given questions when they are "tagged" by another Booktuber).  It's so much fun in Booktuber land.

In the video, she asks if I pronounce my last name like "fried" or like "freed." Well, I pronounce it like "freed" like the German pronunciation of all words "fried."

My first name isn't so easy for people either.  I have such a fear about giving my name out at Starbucks that it took me years not to lie about it.  Mostly, I get called Frieda or Olga or Gloria.

How did it feel seeing my book in one of Bookables' videos?  Surreal and dreamy.  Thank you, Bookables!

She also mentioned that I'm the first person to send her a review copy.  That's just crazy.  She should be getting Advanced Reader Copies (ARCs) from every publisher around.  Maybe publishers have not got around to learning about Booktubers yet, but I would think they will.

Here's a blog on this topic: that mentions NetGalley and Edelweiss for e-galleys and some imprints for print books.

Otherwise, I see Booktubers sending each other books they get like a shared pair of jeans in The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, but that's expensive too...

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  1. It was really awesome seeing your book on Bookables, Golda!